Product Review: ZAAZEE Sports Bras


Katie Scott tests out what premium sportswear brand ZAAZEE can offer the ladies…

A decent bra is often hard to come by, let alone a decent sports bra. There are so many requirements – not only do we need fabrics that are sweat wicking and comfortable, but we also need support in all the right places to ensure that no matter how high the impact or intensity of our session, everything still stays put.

Speaking to ZAAZEE founder Deborah Todd, we got chatting about respective issues we have with sports bras. My main beef is that a lot of sports bras come up incredibly high on the décolletage, and since I prefer to wear vests rather than t-shirts for my workouts, a lot of time I can be accidentally bra flashing – and not in a good way. Deborah on the other hand highlighted quite a valid issue that the majority of sports bras today are tailored towards bustier women, with support for the smaller chested being lacklustre, non existent or providing a poor fit.

This conversation soon led to talks surrounding ZAAZEE’s own sports bra range, and what Deborah herself had done to combat these issues. ZAAZEE offer two sports bras – the cross backed EMI and the racer back style ABI. Both bras share a whole host of features, including the fact that they are made using premium SUPPLEX fabric at a 340gsm weight. Deborah explains that this provides a super soft cotton like feel, yet still maintains the performance benefits of typical sportswear fabrics. With no itchy labels, the bras have an inner lining for additional comfort and are made using 90% polyamide and 10% elastane.

The main differences between the bras are stylistic. The EMI is available in navy, white and red for £30, the cross back style helping to keep you cool while you exercise. The ABI on the other hand is available in six shades in a range of purple and pink hues, the racer back style suitable for a whole host of sportswear. This one costs £32 too. The bras could easily be worn as crop tops if you fancied although both are low cut, meaning that you can wear them with whatever sportswear you happen to have at home too – minus any bra flashing. Result!

Deborah recommends that the bras are only suitable for those who go up to a D cup, as she has specifically tailored these for women with smaller busts who may struggle to find adequate support. I found the bras very comfortable to wear and I experienced no chafing or rubbing, which is so important in sensitive areas, such as your armpits. The style of the bras worked nicely underneath all of my current clothing and I also really like the range of colours available – no longer are we restricted to mere black and white only!

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