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Renovate your fitness wear with must-have items from PureLime

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Scandinavian womens fitness brand PureLime has just unveiled its latest seasonal fitness range, aimed at women who demand a combination of comfort, performance and up-to-the-minute style from their clothing. The range provides women with a huge choice of styles from camis, tanks and tees, to tights, capris and shorts, vests...



Bespoke Body Method: How did Week One go?

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I have officially completed one whole week of Inspire Fitness’s Bespoke Body Method now, and I’m back on to Monday’s lower body resistance workout, which I’m going to do after work tonight. Since I last clocked in, I’ve tackled Wednesday’s upper body resistance session, Thursday’s HIIT...

How To Stick To Your New Year Diet – The Sunshine Effect

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By Russ Howe PTI  Every year, hundreds of thousands of men and women join gyms in early January to get in shape but by March 90% have quit. I’m going to show you how to be in the 10% who don’t. Because despite their good intentions, the vast majority of the January gym-goers become nothing more than the latest fitness...

Restaurant Review: Tanya’s Café

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CherryB from CherRYshing Fitness shows that eating out doesn’t have to ruin your healthy routine I recently decided to do a mini retreat in London. I know that the word city and retreat may not go together but the right spot with the right food can be a retreat even in busy city like London. So, I decided to head to...


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