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Is Creatine Safe For Teens?

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Today I’m going to show you why creatine supplements are perfectly safe for teenagers.   This is a question I am asked on a regular basis by worried parents. Being the parent of a fitness-minded teen nowadays is more difficult than it used to be. Because not only do you worry about their safety lifting weights, they also...

Run to the Beat for girls around the world

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Solo and Ze carry their own bodyweight in water on their shoulders every single day. Can you run 10k to ease their pain? This summer, WaterAid is asking: What does it mean to be a girl?  It means something different to all of us; perhaps to have fun and be carefree. But for millions of girls around the world, being a girl...



The mental aspect of weight loss

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  It’s no secret that obesity is an issue in the UK, in England 42% of men and 32% of women are classed as overweight, and 24% of men and 25% of women fall into the obese category (statistics from the 2012 HSCIC Report). Yet the diet industry is booming, and we are now armed with more knowledge than ever on just how to...

Childhood weight management

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    Over the last thirty years the number of children struggling with obesity has doubled and it continues to steadily rise. It is a growing concern for the population as a whole that a generation of overweight children is being raised and action needs to be taken sooner rather than later. Following a significant...


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