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Vitargo Now Available In The UK

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  We are proud to announce that Vitargo is now available in the UK and is exclusively distributed by Bodyshocker. Vitargo, in simple terms, is the fastest acting muscle fuel (carbohydrate), proven by clinical studies. It is up to 4x more effective than ordinary energy, recovery and sport drinks, providing rapid and...

Podium 4 Sport launch exciting new product line

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    Innovative and community-centric sports equipment store Podium 4 Sport is proud to announce the launch of a new range of fitness equipment as part of their exciting sports brand, ‘NXG Exercise Equipment’ which has seen the business expand in to mainland UK during late 2014. The new range features popular pieces...



How To Stick To Your Diet At Work

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For most people, the hardest enemy in sticking to a healthy eating regime is their job. If you’ve ever tried losing weight while working in an office environment, you’ll know exactly what I mean. I see this problem all the time. Not only do I train a wide range of men and women who do these type of jobs, but get ready for a...

How To Retain Your Personal Training Clients

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  Mark Egan, Personal Training Manager at MotivatePT explores some of the methods used to retain personal training clients. Many personal trainers starting out on their careers quickly discover that success in the Industry is not simply about your technical knowledge as a fitness trainer. You may well be the most qualified...

The Best Time Of Day To Workout

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Posted by Russ Howe PTI When is the best time to exercise? Everyone has their own preference, but there is one time of day which is scientifically proven to be superior when it comes to working out.   So let’s take a look into this subject right now. When Is The Best Time To Exercise? Thinking about your own routine,...


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