Meatsnacks Group launches beef snacks


The largest producer of jerky and biltong in Europe, Meatsnacks Group Ltd, are launching STRIVE, an exciting new range of protein packed snacks aimed at the outdoor and sports market as well as elite athletes.

With demand for meat snacks booming – and predicted to grow significantly over the next five years – STRIVE Beef Jerky and STRIVE Beef Biltong joins the Meatsnacks Group’s range as the ultimate in post workout refuelling, offering consumers a lighter, gluten free alternative to other dried meat snacks without compromising on flavour.

Made from the best cuts of Silverside beef sourced from within the UK and EU and marinated with natural store cupboard ingredients, STRIVE Beef Biltong is the lowest calorie biltong on the market with just 268 calories per 100g, while STRIVE Beef Jerky offers consumers at least 40% protein per pack to aid post training recovery.

The STRIVE Jerky and STRIVE Biltong range has launched this month and is available to buy on for 2.00 per pack and is set to be lining shelves very soon.

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