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What’s E-Fit personal training?



Will new EMS technology training style catch on?

A new personal training system, E-Fit, is set to launch in the UK after a seven year stint in Europe. Embracing electronic muscle stimulation at it’s core, this method of training combines traditional physical exercise with up to date EMS tech to provide an effective workout in 20 minutes.

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The EMS technology sends electric impulses to the body’s 10 key muscle groups, causing them to work an estimated 10 times harder than they would during a normal PT session. Led by a certified PT, this style of workout is said to stimulare deep fibres and muscle groups that are harder to reach with more classic exercises, with different device settings allowing versatility. E-Fit can be used for body shaping, weight loss, stamina and endurance, muscle building, body posture and to generally improve your health and fitness.

Csaba Hegedus, E-Fit master trainer, said ‘During a 20 minute E-Fit personal training session, the EMS technology works 350 different muscles, stimulating them to contract 36,000 times, which means your body is activated and working much harder than during conventional exercise. E-Fit’s short workout is perfect for time poor people and for those looking for an effective way of accelerating muscle growth or losing weight, whilst improving fitness and body shape.’

How can you become an E-Fit trainer?

You must firstly already be a certified personal trainer in the UK. You can then sign up for a two day introductory course hosted by an E-Fit master trainer, so you can learn the theory and practice of EMS. You will then be supervised for one month by a master trainer before you gain your E-Fit instructor certificate.

E-Fit is available in Kensington Studio Gym and Santi Spa, both based in Kensington, London. From January, locations in Chelsea and Canary Wharf will also be available. Find out more at www.e-fit.co.uk

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