Product Review: The Coconut Collaborative


Team PT take a closer look at all things coconut

Although coconut and all of its appendage based products are enjoying a moment in the spotlight at the moment, sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly what to do with it. The Coconut Collaborative ( take away the frazzle of kitchen creations whilst still allowing you to reap in the goodness of the humble coconut. Revealing products such as yoghurts, frozen yoghurts and desserts, your sweet cravings will be well and truly high fived thanks to this decadent array. What’s even more encouraging is that their products are completely all inclusive, being dairy free, soya free and gluten free. The yoghurts even utilise coconut water too to further enhance the goodness.

Here’s what we made of a cross section of their products…

Raspberry Yoghurt

‘This one seriously ticks my boxes. The coconut yoghurt alternative has the same consistency and taste as a natural, Greek style yoghurt – it’s not as sweet but has a wondrously creamy, silky texture that is super smooth yet still that bit thicker. There is a vivid coconut flavour that permeates the taste, the raspberry aspect a fruity compote at the bottom of the 120g tub. The bright raspberry peps the flavour up nicely and works really nicely with the luxurious coconut. Per 100g, the yoghurt contains 143 calories, 9.7g of fat (8.8g saturates), 12.8g of carbohydrates (with 5.3g of sugar) and 1.9g of protein. I’d definitely eat this again.’

Katie Scott, editor

Little Chocolate Pots

‘These are super cute in size, literally probably around 60g, however it’s small size is perfectly decent as this dense and rich dessert is really filling. It has a very thick texture, moving past a mousse yet before you hit a solid chocolate tart texture – this mid point is truly lovely, with an opulent dark chocolate flavour that completely covers any coconut mention that may be present. Creamy, soft and silky, this is a lovely little treat that will suit any hardcore chocoholic.’

Katie Scott, editor

Almond Yoghurt

‘The packaging is really lovely and eye catching. The consistency of the dessert was like yoghurt, but not as heavy on the stomach. The almond flavour was very subtle with a hint of coconut – I found it had a very refreshing taste.’

Janine Edwards, advertising executive

Mango and Passion Fruit Yoghurt

‘I really like the idea of a dairy free, vegan yoghurt! This Mango and Passionfruit number has a creamy texture mixed with a smooth tropical compote; the flavour of the coconut is subtle, but all the flavours tie in to create a delicious pairing. I wouldn’t say that the yoghurt is particularly sweet, but it provides a refreshing snack to enjoy at your desk – imagining that you’re sunbathing on the beach of a Caribbean island. The packaging is bright and informative, displaying all the ingredients on one panel in an easy to read format, and the branding is fun and unique.’

Jennifer Meredith, editorial assistant

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