Product Review: SKINS DNAmic Women’s Long Tights


Katie Scott tries out the latest in compression wear

Although compression wear has been on my radar for a while now, it was still a garment I had yet to try – until I came across Australian brand SKINS that is. Founded in 2010, the team spent five long years testing and honing their designs before releasing to market – now selling 160 products across 31 countries, the proof is in the pudding as they say.

Unpacking my new DNAmic Women’s Long Tights, I was intrigued to see what made SKINS’ clothing stand out from the crowd of compression clothing. First things first, the fabric used is a warp knit and spandex mix – the knitting features quality yarns all geared to help boost your performance, while the spandex aspect gives elasticity and controlled compression (no, I didn’t know that warp knitting had no natural stretch either). SKINS take their compression very seriously – not only is their sizing based on BMI to ensure a super snug and efficient fit, but they use a gradient compression that wraps and supports all of your key muscle groups. This helps to increase the oxygen delivery to active, working muscles and also reduces lactic acid build up. See ya later DOMS. Scientifically proven to increase blood flow, popping on a pair of these tights could actually help you exercise for longer.

Cutting down on your recovery time is definitely a handy feature, with the compression tech proving both comfortable and supportive, even during high impact/intensity sessions, for example my recent half marathon training. A few other useful fabric features include advance wicking to take moisture away from your skin, keeping your dry, as well as a UV protection factor of 50+.

Although donning your SKINS’ tights is not a glamorous process, they do really feel like a second skin, being both lightweight to wear yet also feeling supportive across your muscles. I still found that I had a good range of movement in them, the fun design and colour ways meaning you could wear them either under shorts or as leggings by themselves. Available in sizes XS to XL for between £70 and £75, why not take a closer look today at

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