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Product Review: Moju Cold Pressed Juices


Janine Edwards takes a closer look at the latest juice trend

I was really excited about trying the range of Moju cold pressed juices, as not only does the name sound uber cool but I was totally intrigued by the flavour combinations Moju had to offer. The brand focus on offering cold pressed juices – these are made with a hydraulic press that uses pressure to extract the maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruit and vegetables. No extra heat or oxygen is needed in the process, ensuring that no nutrients are lost, which can be a factor if you use a traditional pasteurisation method.

Available in 250ml bottles, I first tried the vitamin and potassium rich green juice, containing kale, spinach, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger. Per 100ml, this one only has 27.8 calories, with 0.2g of total fat and no saturates. The carbohydrates all come in the form of sugar from the fruit (weighing in at 5.4g), while the protein content is 1.1g.

For that extra boost of vitamin C, the orange juice (which funnily enough doesn’t include oranges) is a good choice containing carrot, apple, red pepper, ginger and turmeric. Per 100ml, the orange juice has 31 calories, yet the same fat content as the green juice. Carbohydrates come in higher at 7.1g, although the sugar content is 6.5g. Protein provides 0.2g of the total.

If you’re looking for something nutrient rich, then the purple juice is for you, as it contains beetroot, apple, carrot, cucumber and lemon. With 32.6 calories per 100ml, the fat content is again the same, the protein reading in at 0.4g. The carbohydrate content is 7.3g with 7g of this being sugar.

It’s safe to say that on trying Moju, I was not disappointed as the flavour combinations blew my mind. At £2.95 per juice, I found these were a great little pick me up in the mornings to kick start the day, or great for a pre workout energy boost before the gym. These are light and refreshing, with nothing but goodness crammed in to the bottle.

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