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Product Review: HIGH5 Protein Snack


Katie Scott nibbles on the latest product to hit HIGH5’s virtual shelves

HIGH5 have long been the gurus of the sports snack and energy market, showcasing an impressive array of protein drinks, energy formulas, electrolyte tabs and gels that you can simply stow away in your pocket. With all these beverage based products doing rather nicely and helping an abundance of exercisers, HIGH5 have now turned their hand to the protein bar market, whipping up this Brazil nut, goji berry and chia seed snack bar, designed to refuel your body efficiently as well as help your body recover thanks to the high doses of protein.

Reminding me of a cold pressed, fruit snack bar, HIGH5’s latest addition hits the spot when it comes to creating texture contrasts, the soft and pliable bar featuring large, rounded shards of Brazil nuts for a superb level of crunch, as well as gritty chia seeds and the additional chew of whole goji berries (which also add a spark of colour due to their red hue). For me, the Brazil nuts are the predominant flavour, so I reckon this 60g bar will be a winner with nut lovers, as well as those who need to adhere to a gluten free and lactose free diet. Certainly more filling than other bars in this vein, each serving will provide you with 292 calories and 12g of protein, so perfect for post workout munchies. There are 16g of fat (with only 2.7g of saturates) as well as 22g of carbohydrates, with 14g of this being sugar coming naturally from the dates, sultanas and goji berries. Fibre is also present and correct with 4.9g per 60g bar. I rather enjoyed this bar, finding it light yet interesting to eat, and I enjoyed the nutty flavour as well as the variety of textures. Yummy!

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