Exercise with a friend

Aztech Films launches new fitness app


It’s a well known fact that exercising with a friend will help you achieve better results. But, what if you don’t know people with the same sporting or physical interests in your local area? Now, thanks to GymPal, you can meet new friends to exercise with in your local community.

Essentially GymPal is a social networking app for fitness enthusiasts; think Tinder but for fitness friends and you’re on the right track. The GymPal app connects users with other local fitness enthusiasts who share similar fitness interests or goals. You are matched with compatible fitness partners based on the user’s fitness and sporting interests, favourite activities, motivation levels and geographical location. This in turn will help its users get fit and healthy, improve their general wellbeing and socialise.

Other features of the free app, which was developed by developed by Mark Spuy, include the ability to find new gyms or exercise classes and the ability to locate nutritionists and personal trainers. As well, users are able to source specialist food and supplement stores.

Despite the app being free, it is set to make money from its Squad Leaders. The Squad Leaders are made up of personal trainers, fitness instructors and nutritionists that provide their services through the app. The varied providers can help users with varied sporting interests and can even help with the more niche and unique fitness interests.

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