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2016 – the year of the flexitarian?


Flexitarianism is set be the next mega food trend over the coming year, with sales of vegetarian foods in the UK predicted to grow by 10% in 2016 and 35% of Brits choosing to call themselves flexitarians. However, it’s hardly surprising with meat now part of fewer meals – one in six (18%) Brits now claim they are eating more non animal sources of protein.

Flexitarianism is defined as a semi vegetarian diet that’s plant based with the occasional inclusion of animal products. But why is this lifestyle trend on the rise? Mintel’s research reveals that almost half (48%) of Brits see meat free products as environmentally friendly and 52% see them as healthy.

UK cities like Bristol are leading the way with flexitarianism. Bristol is the first ‘Flexitarian City’, where citizens thrive on sustainable and healthy diets. Bristol are acting on the evidence and reducing meat and dairy consumption in line with health recommendations and greenhouse gas reduction targets. Their aims include increasing the number of restaurants and cafes in which the range of choices for people eating out reflects a balance which is healthy for both people and planet, and educating the general public about the benefits of flexi diets.

Protein is a big consideration when following a flexitarian diet. About half of adults say they are trying to get more protein in their diet – it is the single most important fortification ingredient to both adults and teenagers.

Fry’s Family Foods have launched a new range that’s perfect for flexitarian lifestyles. Their ‘Nature’s Plant Proteins’ range contains more protein than regular meat. Packed with quality gourmet ingredients, and intense, unique tastes, they are made with 100% natural, fresh ingredients. Each product is also high in iron and omega 3 fatty acids. They provide a good source of B12 and fibre, contain no GM ingredients, hormones or antibiotics. They contain no cholesterol or potentially harmful animal fats, so are better for your heart. The B12, omegas and iron all come from 100% natural sources – yeast extract, flax and chia. These nutrients are supplied by superfoods integral to the product, not added or from chemicals. Sustaining and sustainable, these new foods contain superfoods for superior taste and contain hearty plant proteins that do no harm.

The range consists of Soy and Quinoa Family Country Roast, Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets, Quinoa and Fresh Cilantro Falafel Burgers, Rice Protein and Chia Stir Fry Strips and Soya and Flaxseed Schnitzel. They retail at between £3.00 and £5.00 and are available in Wholefoods Market, Holland and Barrett, Booths supermarkets, leading health food stores, on-line at Ocado and Goodness Direct and at leading independents. Visit for more information.

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